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The Russian Tea Room has a rich legacy as a cultural institution and a landmark in the city's culinary scene. Founded by the Russian Imperial Ballet in 1927, the Russian Tea Room quickly became a cultural hotspot in the heart of Manhattan, frequented by artists, intellectuals, and celebrities. It also served as a gathering place for Russian émigrés, providing a taste of home and fostering a vibrant cultural exchange. 

Over the decades, the Russian Tea Room has hosted countless luminaries from the worlds of entertainment, politics, and the arts. It has been featured in numerous films, television shows, and works of literature, cementing its status as an iconic New York City landmark.

Today, The Russian Tea Room continues to embody its exquisite art-deco décor, welcoming guests from local New Yorkers to tourists from around the world. The restaurant has remained true to its heritage and stands as a revered destination for continental fine dining, sophisticated high tea, an exceptional array of vodka selections, and an awe-inspiring venue for private events.